Discovering Germany, Solo

Going outside your comfort zone is difficult for many of us. As a solo traveler I have challenges every day I am on the road exploring and experiencing new places.My Italian blog, Home to Italy rewards me with several months each year in a country that has many secrets to share with this Italian American.  InContinue reading “Discovering Germany, Solo”

Italy: Learn Italian in Sorrento

Mature Solo Travel Readers:                                 there is a special offer  <!– –>  A GLIMPSE OF THE SCHOOL  –  HOME  –  ABOUT US  –  WHERE WE ARE –  ITALIAN COURSES & TEST  –  PRICES & BROCHURE  –  50+ PROGRAM –  ART PROGRAM  –  REVIEWS & BLOG   –  CONTACT US  –  APPLICATION FORM SPECIAL OFFERS 26/02/2015LEARN ITALIAN IN ITALY!Continue reading “Italy: Learn Italian in Sorrento”

Meeting People on the Road: Hats for the Royal Family

Hats fit for Royalty:  Winchester, UK  Six Little Minster St, Winchester                                                      Walking the cobbled lanes in Winchester, trying to see everything before I left for Southampton to catch a ship, I found Carol Darby’s hat shop.   In the USA you often do not see hat shops any longer.  Yes specialty store inContinue reading “Meeting People on the Road: Hats for the Royal Family”

Eating Solo: Great Variety in Florence, Italy Food Court

Solo Travelers can find great meal choices at a new type of Food CourtFlorence Mercato Centrale a great food hall for solo travelers, no more restaurants with only couples! The San Lorenzo Market may be best know for the lively local market on the first floor:  meats, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables. The building dates from 1874  with soaringContinue reading “Eating Solo: Great Variety in Florence, Italy Food Court”

Walking in the Cotswolds, UK, easy day trip from London

Even a rainy day in the UK did not prevent me from visiting the Cotswolds   During many years of taking the short American vacation to London, I have visited the larger towns of Bath and Cheltenham since they are on a train route from London.   The catalogue from HF Holidays* surprised me with additional townsContinue reading “Walking in the Cotswolds, UK, easy day trip from London”

Eating with Strangers: What some solo travelers hate

I can not think of any restaurant in the USA that I have visited that strangers sit with each other.   Not even the local McDonald’s.   NO ONE would think of sitting at a table occupied by someone else! However on my 7 day adventure through gale force winds, I forced myself to joinContinue reading “Eating with Strangers: What some solo travelers hate”

A view point of 3 cities from a younger traveler

Meet Roseann from Ireland although Roseann may not be in my demographic, you may find this a great review of some cities to visit in Europe…………..perhaps you visited the first time on your ‘see Europe in 3 weeks” and now you are ready to return and slow travel….. 3 Most Memorable Cities in Europe roseann243 / 2Continue reading “A view point of 3 cities from a younger traveler”

Better than Hotels: At Home In London, stay in a private home

      Hotel rooms in London can be as expensive as NYC.    As in other cities I travel to, I search for alternatives to the high prices of hotels.          Since I am not willing to stay in a hostel or on the couch at the home of a stranger, my  choices can be limited.Continue reading “Better than Hotels: At Home In London, stay in a private home”

An English country house stay with HF Holidays

Harrington House, Burton on the Water An invitation for a stay in a country house may  not be part of my solo trips to Britain, but          HF Holidays can  make this a reality.2014 marks 100 years of walking, house stays and holiday events for more than 50,000 visitors.  My day visit to Harrington House was arranged byContinue reading “An English country house stay with HF Holidays”

Solo Traveler has a great resource for Solos

If you travel solo or wish you did, you should know Janice Waugh and Solo TravelerSolo Traveler                 Solo travel tips, destinations, stories… the blog for those who travel alone.      sign up with www. Janice has compiled suggestions from readers on where to stay around the world……enjoy.

Destinations for Solo Female Travlers

Thanks to Vanessa Chiasson for allowing me to share this with my readers 10 Amazing Destinations for Solo Female Travelers 9/3/2013 9 Comments   Traveling solo for the first time? These are 10 of my favourite destinations. In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, and the #WeGoSolo twitter chat, here are 10 amazingContinue reading “Destinations for Solo Female Travlers”

Solo Trip over Christmas

While escaping my home base for the month of December I decided to turn the month into a search for solo friendly activities during a major holiday. My goal was to find 5 solo friendly events while staying near a beach resort that attracts ‘snow birds’ from as far as Canada. 1.  Go to anContinue reading “Solo Trip over Christmas”

No Solo Supplements on select sailings as reported in Travel Weekly

Just posted on Google. Thank you Travel Weekly.   Fred Olsen removes solo supplement on a few cruises.   If you think it is time for all cruise lines to eliminate the solo supplement why not contact your favorite cruise line and tell them?Article is available here: Travel Weekly NEWS JOBS EVENTS AGENT AREA NEWS TRAVELContinue reading “No Solo Supplements on select sailings as reported in Travel Weekly”

The People You Meet On The Road

I continue to tell anyone who will listen,that you never know who you will meet if youjust keep an open mind.Out shopping this week I spoke with one of the employees to find he is a writer, a poet to be precise.  So today I am featuring  Adrian T Pearson, better known as The ProlificContinue reading “The People You Meet On The Road”

Eating in an ancient Church: St Bartholomews London: Cafe is not the same

The striking interior will draw me back on every trip, even if the cafe is not worth a trip While in London last week I made a special trip back to St Bartholomews to have breackfast. wrote last year about the great selection and staff at the cafe.   The architecture is wonderful and theContinue reading “Eating in an ancient Church: St Bartholomews London: Cafe is not the same”

London Highgate Cemetery: The Dead Share Their Secrects

Highgate Cemetery:  London One of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ historic cemeteries around London, Highgate Cemetery was described as the best example of Victorian architecture. I have had a fascination with stone angles and other tomb sculptures for years so a visit to Highgate was on the top of my list.    I was not disappointed. Highgate isContinue reading “London Highgate Cemetery: The Dead Share Their Secrects”

London: High Tea at Kensington Palace, solo

I am in love with England and the traditions that make it so unique.   And a country that enjoys cake and tea every afternoon is on my list of places to live. During this trip I found myself at Kensington Palace and decided to have afternoon tea as a local in the Orangery.  This separateContinue reading “London: High Tea at Kensington Palace, solo”

Save a Child with water

While at the World Travel event in London in November I visited a booth that was promoting Clean Water:  JUST A DROP, SAFE WATER =SAVED LIVES With their permission I am posting info from the brochure given to me when I purchased a special H2WOW GP bottle.    From Just a Drop: *  Every 20 secondsContinue reading “Save a Child with water”

London has a super Whole Foods!

There are Whole Foods stores in many cities across the world but NOTHING prepared me for my visit to the London store on Kensington High Street. A massive three story former department store has been transformed into a sea of international foods and prepared meals that go on and on.    This was late on aContinue reading “London has a super Whole Foods!”

London: a field of angels

My quest for Victorian statuary and funeral art lead me to what may be considered the best display rt:  Highgate in North London. My goal is to visit the 7 best cemeteries in the London area know as the magnificent seven,  but if I do not reach many others, I have found a wonderful assortmentContinue reading “London: a field of angels”

Eating in the Crypts in London: great solo option

London Restaurants in the Crypts of Churches It should be no surprise if I tell you it rained today…..        what do you expect in London.and once you are wet there is nothing to stop you from pressing on.   You can not sit in a hotel or B&B all day just because it is raining. StContinue reading “Eating in the Crypts in London: great solo option”

London: Market Jewelry Designer

Annette Jones Jewelry St Martins Piccadilly market  When in London I try to visit the markets held most days, throughout London.  Covent Gardens is usually the first market I visit.    There are yearly changes at the market, but often the same vendors are there for each of my visits.  Of course they doContinue reading “London: Market Jewelry Designer”

Giving up a dream………….

Today I abandoned my dream of the past 7+ years. After working 16 hour days for the past week I finally had a ‘talk with myself’.  I often do this when I can not figure out why I am angry, unhappy or even ‘disconnected’. After fighting with myself to accept the answer, I gave upContinue reading “Giving up a dream………….”

Scarves with a Purpose

Homesoul     While stopping in London on my way to Italy I finally had an opportunity to explore Spitalfields Market.    Markets are perfect for solo travelers  You can either be invisible in a crowd or stop and chat with any vendor who might show an interest.   The enormous open area has endless booths, tables, shopsContinue reading “Scarves with a Purpose”

The Best Exotic Fur-ever Hotel

Just like the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”,  there is a loving home in London for retired cats. Homeless after years with a faithful human, retired cats often find themselves homeless when their human ‘family’ member is no longer able to live on their own or pass on. Patchouli A local shelter is oftenContinue reading “The Best Exotic Fur-ever Hotel”

Russia: St Petersbury, the church of the Spilled Blood

Some countries are much easier to visit when all the arrangements, visas, translations and plans are done by someone else.   A 2 week  overview of the Baltic countries gave me a sample of most of the region.  I could plan to return for a deeper look at a future time.    I have NEVERContinue reading “Russia: St Petersbury, the church of the Spilled Blood”

Are Ships becoming Solo Friendly? Ask John Lang

John Lang just shared this overview of solo travel with me.  He has been my advocate for months to find affordable non stop sea travel….  I will be commenting on the opinions stated here.  Unless the cruise lines changed pricing and policy since last year, several of the mentioned options were less than great deals.    Continue reading “Are Ships becoming Solo Friendly? Ask John Lang”

Why I want to go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe

Why I want to go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe I can’t think of any reason why not? Dreaming of a European river cruise, who doesn’t first think of the Danube river?  And on the  Danube Delights (DD) itinerary, this water highway passes towns and cities older than any inContinue reading “Why I want to go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe”