A Thankful Village in the Cotswolds, UK

While on a HF Holiday walk in the UK,  our walk guide mentioned the village of Upper Slaughter was one of the Thankful Villages.  I always search for something new, anything I have never read about or been told and this was totally new.  My guide for this walk mentioned ‘thankful villages‘ which prompted aContinue reading “A Thankful Village in the Cotswolds, UK”

Walking in the Cotswolds, UK, easy day trip from London

Even a rainy day in the UK did not prevent me from visiting the Cotswolds   During many years of taking the short American vacation to London, I have visited the larger towns of Bath and Cheltenham since they are on a train route from London.   The catalogue from HF Holidays* surprised me with additional townsContinue reading “Walking in the Cotswolds, UK, easy day trip from London”

A visit to Canterbury: Canterbury, UK

The Canterbury Tales: *    If you read this classic in high school than you may expect a stream of pilgrims walking on the ancient walls towards Canterbury cathedral.   You will find local citizens using the walls as a very easy route without cars and stop lights, day travelers coming from the train station or theContinue reading “A visit to Canterbury: Canterbury, UK”