Eating in an ancient Church: St Bartholomews London: Cafe is not the same

The striking interior will draw me back on every trip, even if the cafe is not worth a trip

While in London last week I made a special trip back to St Bartholomews to have breackfast.
I wrote last year about the great selection and staff at the cafe.   The architecture is wonderful and the setting is so peaceful.

So I was very sad to see the major changes to the cafe:
NO FOOD selection
NO fresh food
NO customers

It could not have been the day I was there nor the time (late morning).  It was the cafe.

I have to complement the man who staffed the cafe.  He tried to offer me a selection (3 or 4) of cakes from the day before.   Lunch was not available until noon (I arrived at 11+ am).   Having skipped breakfast so I could enjoy the cafe, I was hungry but did not want to leave this quiet spot in the middle of a city with so many people.

The wifi connection is great here so I sat and uploaded photos while I enjoyed the BEST cup of coffee I had been served in the 2+  weeks I was in the city.    I also drink tea but a good coffee is wonderful.

Chatting with the staff I was told it was a special blend and a drip process, something I did not find elsewhere.  NOTE:  I drank coffee at McDonalds 1.20 pounds and not bad, very, very hot’  at the multiple locations of take away foods, warm, bitter and not worth a refile.    So this cup of coffee was wonderful.   WARNING:  the coffee is VERY hot.   If you have ever had a pizza burn (a USA event) you know what to expect.   I had a burn for 7 days after this coffee, my fault, not the cafe’s.

By this time it was lunch time and the kind staff asked if I would like soup.   Great!   not so.   It was vegetable but from a can and 4.5 pounds.      Again NOT the staff’s fault.  He was trying to offer me something because I said I was hungry and not willing to pay $5.00 us for cake!    The french bread served with the soup was good.

I shall be sending a review to the management of the cathedral.   A great cafe in London has been replaced with something that resembles a bar with a microwave.   If you have visited this year, please give me your opinions.

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