The Best Exotic Fur-ever Hotel

Just like the movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”,  there is a loving home in London for retired cats.

Homeless after years with a faithful human, retired cats often find themselves homeless when their human ‘family’ member is no longer able to live on their own or pass on.


A local shelter is often where these treasured furlines find themselves, confused and often still mourning the loss of their best friend.

The retired house guests each have their distinctive personalities.

I had the opportunity to meet the kindhearted woman who manages this haven for retirees.   She describes her ‘guests’:  

 I share my home with 7 elderly cats, whose safety is of paramount importance to me.  They go in the garden but never out of the front door.”

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While in London I had the opportunity to book  a room in this private home through a great booking service  #134.  The very interesting owner I stayed with does volunteer work at a local rescue site and fosters retired felines after they become homeless.

During my visit I was ignored by most of the guests but one friendly ‘fur’ face stopped in my room to see who had moved in.

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Look at those blue eyes!  Spencer



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