Be a traveler NOT a tourist

After traveling on the limited ‘vacation’ many of us have, I took a 3 month sabatical to experience life in an Italian city. Now I travel solo to explore locations world wide. My independent trips are not vacations but opportunities to experience what each town or city I visit.

Solo on a HF Walking Tour in the Cotswolds, UK: mud, rain and great photo opportunity

Outside the wonderful city of London there are amazing treasures to explore.   Last Spring I spent a few days on the Isle of Wight at a country home  with HF Holidays. This fall, when there was an opportunity to spend a HF Holiday weekend in the Cotswolds at Burton on the Water, I signed upContinue reading “Solo on a HF Walking Tour in the Cotswolds, UK: mud, rain and great photo opportunity”

Walk into a base camp in Viet Nam……………..

I hear a helicopter landing and an announcement from the watch tower Visitors to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum outside of Charleston, South Carolina, come to explore the battleships, aircraft on site and interactive displays that can keep you busy for hours. The USS Yorktown is a massive aircraft carrier that draws large crowds but myContinue reading “Walk into a base camp in Viet Nam……………..”

HF Holidays walking tour to visit the Isle of Wight, for a solo traveler

Freshwater Bay house, photo from HF Holidays web site View from the Freshwater Bay country house with HF Holidays Isle of Wight, UK On my third attempt to visit this island, only a 40 minute ferry ride from Lymington or a faster hydrofoil from Southampton, I was determined to spend a few days here with theContinue reading “HF Holidays walking tour to visit the Isle of Wight, for a solo traveler”

Some places in London shared by a Local

Christine’s Corner   While on the Isle of Wight for a HF Holiday country house walk, I met a lovely woman at the breakfast table one morning.   Most of the guests were British (I was the only American) and I chatted with Christine about suggestions for places to visit in London that are not featured in most travel books.     Below areContinue reading “Some places in London shared by a Local”

Where can you travel that has a 1/2 hour time zone difference?

Arriving today in Adelaide I looked at the terminal clock twice.  Then at my watch. The one hour flight left at noon and arrived at 1:30. Did I take the correct flight? Was the flight 1/2 hour delayed? No.  Adelaide, Australia is 1/2 ahead of Melbourne, Australia. This is weird

Stone Gargoyles: such wonderful faces

Gargoyles, original caricature art! You can find these unusual stone portraits in many cities across Europe.   They have always fascinated me .                         What is the stone carver telling the audience?  What is each face telling us?                          As part of my walking tour in London, courtesy of Context Tours, I                           visited a churchContinue reading “Stone Gargoyles: such wonderful faces”

London Free Light Show in the Shoe Store

Next to the Apple store in Covent Gardens in London is an amazing light show                                                                                        Feels like a rock concert in a shoe store            This is Galleria Melissa, a innovative shoe store.  According to their web site:  founded in 1971 and has since collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, theContinue reading “London Free Light Show in the Shoe Store”

Heidelberg: off the beaten track, Brezeles to Chocolate

Heidelberg:   home of the bretzle, castle, university, chocolate and  more Heidelberg was a surprise.  The city bustles.  I spent only two days in the Old Town of Heidelberg and found so much to see and do. There is endless history surrounding Heidelberg and my wonderful guide Charlotte Frey knew it all. She wove GermanContinue reading “Heidelberg: off the beaten track, Brezeles to Chocolate”

Oberwesel Germany: Home of the Wine Witch

Oberwesel, Germany and the Wine WitchA short stop on my Off the Beaten Track tour in Germany, but one I am so glad I didThe trip from Koblez to Oberwesel went too quickly.  Although I love train travel in Europe, I would trade a train for a boat on a German river anytime! photo from The boat stoppedContinue reading “Oberwesel Germany: Home of the Wine Witch”


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