Be a Traveler Not a Tourist

Solo is not alone, there are all the people to meet on the road

Visits Home to Italy

My trips to Italy began as an exchange student during college and did not become the focus of my travel life until 3 decades later. Visiting major tourist sites morphed into searcing for some of the lesser known cities or the hidden craftspeople who make Italy the wonderful place it is. For more stories on Italy, visit http://www.HometoItaly.com

Exploring China & Japan

Traveling to a country where you are immediately identified as a foreigner was a strange realization. With the endless places to visit and explore it may take many repeat visits to truly ‘experience’ China or Japan.

Returning to the UK and Ireland

Amazing cities and charming villages cover both countries. You could spend months in London and not see everything. But do not neglect the small villages and smaller cities. I can be like a visit back to the times of Dickens.

Ireland stuns with green vistas overlooking the sea, bustling cities and charming small towns.

About Me

Trips beyond 1 or 2 weeks can become adventures. You are no longer a tourist rushing to see everything when you slow travel .

Spend time going off the tourist route and exploring

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