Italy: Learn Italian in Sorrento

Mature Solo Travel Readers:                                 there is a special offer  <!– –>  A GLIMPSE OF THE SCHOOL  –  HOME  –  ABOUT US  –  WHERE WE ARE –  ITALIAN COURSES & TEST  –  PRICES & BROCHURE  –  50+ PROGRAM –  ART PROGRAM  –  REVIEWS & BLOG   –  CONTACT US  –  APPLICATION FORM SPECIAL OFFERS 26/02/2015LEARN ITALIAN IN ITALY!Continue reading “Italy: Learn Italian in Sorrento”

Eating Solo: Great Variety in Florence, Italy Food Court

Solo Travelers can find great meal choices at a new type of Food CourtFlorence Mercato Centrale a great food hall for solo travelers, no more restaurants with only couples! The San Lorenzo Market may be best know for the lively local market on the first floor:  meats, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables. The building dates from 1874  with soaringContinue reading “Eating Solo: Great Variety in Florence, Italy Food Court”

Italy, Go Solo, Enjoy

Solo Travel In Italy I usually post anything about Italy on, but Solo Travel In Italy some challenges I shall add to this blog as well. Italy may have more travelers than many other countries in Europe.   After traveling there for years and for 4 to 6 weeks at a time, I fully understandContinue reading “Italy, Go Solo, Enjoy”

NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Italy: Classic Car Tour

                   NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Yle with Yltour in Puglia offers another wonderful event for independent travelers who want a unique experience!        CLASSIC CAR EXPERIENCE IN PUGLIA May 1 – 6, 2013             YLTOUR opens its 2013 season with an exclusive road experience from May 1 – 6 , 2013in the beautiful Salento area, Italy. This is your chanceContinue reading “NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Italy: Classic Car Tour”

No Solo Supplement: Italy, photo evenet

—                               [Calling all Photographers:                          A Creative Break in Puglia, Italy Take a photography holiday in Puglia and capture the images of our traditional villages and scenic roads off the tourist trail, vineyards, old palaces, farmers on their estates, seaside villages, the countryside and the people of this part of Italy that is less traveled.Continue reading “No Solo Supplement: Italy, photo evenet”

Solo Travelers: would you be interested in a creative break

CREATIVE BREAKS:   If you enjoy traveling, learning, meeting the locals and immersing yourself in a culture than you need to know about a special series of programs offered by in Italy!   Yle Sambati will be offering a great assortment of ‘adventures’ that solo travelers can enjoy.   Check back soon to hear aboutContinue reading “Solo Travelers: would you be interested in a creative break”