London: High Tea at Kensington Palace, solo

I am in love with England and the traditions that make it so unique.   And a country that enjoys cake and tea every afternoon is on my list of places to live.
During this trip I found myself at Kensington Palace and decided to have afternoon tea as a local in the Orangery.  This separate building overlooking the expansive park sent my mind back hundreds of years imagining strolling through the gardens as a diversion before the next formal event or scheduled ‘meet and greet’ at the palace.

I was not certain my ‘travelers attire’ would allow me entrance, but found there was no problem as i followed another solo traveler with a back pack into the room off the main dining area.   At this point it was too late to change my mind when I finally translated the menu.  Yes it was in English but my brain did not calculate that the full tea service at 24L was closer to $40 US.       The only alternative was not any savings.   So I decided to splurge and experience high tea.  


There was a tired stand that offered sandwiches, cakes and scones with cream and jam.      I tried everything.  The salmon sandwich wedge did not impress me nor did the pick and white cake with a marzipan casing.     My excuse for eating everything, was that I had skipped lunch. 

The presentation added to this pleasurable hour:  starched white table lines, china cups and dishes and a bottomless pot of tea.

An interesting fact I discovered in the Hyde Park Newsletter my London host edits for a large volunteer group, was that the loo (rest room) is located outside the building and you must ask for the secret code to unlock the door.    So although I did not see any Royals while having afternoon tea nor walking in the park, I do have the secret code to use the loo.

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

2 thoughts on “London: High Tea at Kensington Palace, solo

  1. So True, it was a lovely experience but as I looked around I was amazed families with little children and large groups found this an everyday event!And I give them complete A scores for not treating a solo traveler differently………. or trying to 'change the table' as quickly as possible. Although I waited an hour, Kate and Will did not stop in for tea!


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