Why I want to go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe

Why I want to go on an eight-day Emerald Waterways river cruise through Europe
I can’t think of any reason why not?


Dreaming of a European river cruise, who doesn’t first think of the Danube river?  And on the  Danube Delights (DD) itinerary, this water highway passes towns and cities older than any in the USA.   For inspiration I am listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CTYymbbEL4&feature=kp, The Blue Danube Waltz by Stauress.     

An opportunity to sail on the rivers of Europe has been my dream for years.   Sailing on all the routes offered would still
 nly scratch the surface of this iconic part of ‘old world’ Europe.       
Many of the stops will be new to me, but I travel without a list of must see monument, statues, works of art and no preconceptions. 

This adventure will not be what did I see but instead, what new experiences and people will remain in my memory after this adventure.
Each town will be a surprise that I can discover, much like a Russian matryoshka doll.  I hope to experience for the short time I am ashore, some part of life in the towns and cities we visit.    I travel blog full time and every trip is an adventure of new people, new places and lots of history to be written about every night back on the ship.

I always travel with a theme and My Emerald Waterways theme for this adventure is: 
                                                                                                     Cake, Castles, and Crafts
·  At each stop I hope to visit the oldest bakery to sample the best they have to offer.      Hard work but I am ready for the challenge.  Cities and regions all have their signature sweets.   And everyone is happy when they are eating cake!    A few of the establishments and treats that await me:

Melk Abbyrestaurant’s Koloman cake

Ruszurm Pastry Shopin Budapest, 173 years old and still makes the Ruszwurm cream filled pastry!

Kaffe Mayer in Bratislava (1878) an online post told me to try Krenovy rez

                                                                                                                sacher torte from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna  
In Nuremberg a search of Lebkuchen (gingerbread) whose origin dates back to the 1400’s…

I am gaining weight just researching bakeries for the other stops!    So it is a relief to know there are walking tours planned that shall help me burn those extra calories.   
DD offers more walking tours that allow travelers to see life on the same level as the locals    I don’t think you see a country or a town from a bus or train window the same way as when you walk the street, smell the fresh bread baking, chat with a local sitting on a bench in the sun or watch the children playing in the park. 

Vienna Austria
·         Castles:  no need to plan or search for these since CPDD has included many on the daily tours and others shall be easy to find, as well as abbeys and palaces.   Any opportunity to visit some of the 900+ UNESCO World Heritage sites is an added bonus and during this 8 day adventure there are several to be explored..

Market in Budapest

·         Crafts:   A cleaver term to disguise shopping.  Local markets in each city and small shops owned by locals afford an easy introduction to some of the people who live in each location.    Searching for hand crafted items to remember an incredible trip or a walk through the daily food market is an excellent way to meet and chat and learn about life in that town.    Often you just need to say jo napot, guten morgen, pozdravi or just hello.

·         If I travel during Ball Week, I dream of attending one of the many Waltz Balls in Vienna.    Dancing the Viennese waltz in Vienna, what can top that?         I can hear the music now.

Luxury treatment for 8 days, cake at every town, shopping and the best castles and palaces……what else could I ask for?     The luxury of first class treatment, meals prepared, entertainment daily and even informative lectures shall make it difficult to venture OFF the ship!

If you see me lingering over a cappuccino on the deck one morning, shout out and encourage me to ‘get out there!’    

See you aboard


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