Scarves with a Purpose


While stopping in London on my way to Italy I finally had an opportunity to explore Spitalfields Market.    Markets are perfect for solo travelers  You can either be invisible in a crowd or stop and chat with any vendor who might show an interest.  

The enormous open area has endless booths, tables, shops and food locations.  I did not plan suffient time to explore the entire market and was glad I had not come on a Saturday!

A colorful display of printed fabric caught my eye.    Drawing closer I found stacks of colorful scarves, pillow covers, bedspreads and other home décor.       I was delighted to learn from the co founder/co owner Ipshita where her products were created.   She kindly allowed me to do a short film while we chatted.

The two sided scarves were made from re-purposed silk saris.   They are hand sewed together by Indian woman, giving them employment and keeping the ‘art’ alive for the  next generation.   Cotton saris are used to make the throws and other items.

It was difficult to choose one pattern from the large selection.   But the effort was worth it.  I have a treasure with a history and a purpose that I shall think of every time I wear my scarf. 

Old Spitalfields Market
16 Horner Square
Spitalfields, London
Thursday to Sunday  11 am to 5 pm

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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