A view point of 3 cities from a younger traveler

Meet Roseann from Ireland

although Roseann may not be in my demographic, you may find this a great review of some cities to visit in Europe…………..perhaps you visited the first time on your ‘see Europe in 3 weeks” and now you are ready to return and slow travel…..

3 Most Memorable Cities in Europe

After visiting almost every capital city in Europe you kind of find that they all start to blend together in a big mix of churches, buildings and concrete in general so to be memorable the city must have something really different to stand out, usually this isn’t there most famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower or the Coliseum because you are expecting these things already and really it is the only thing making the city different to any other in the first place, so I have came up with my 3 most memorable cities that have something I think stands out compared to other cities. These cities all have that something extra that I think just makes them that little better.
149874_543324989016720_1941594353_n3. Kraków, Poland
Kraków is the second largest city in Poland and has a population of 755000 but I love it here is because it feels like a small village. Growing up in the countryside I like Krakow because it feels so much like home. Everything is so close together and the people are very friendly. With the medieval city centre this city feels like a step back in time, instead of the usual blocks of concrete you see work of art that have been hand crafted with detail so delicate they must have taken years to perfect. Local marketers taking stalls in the main square and horse and cart rides around just add to the atmosphere in Kraków. This is one of the first cities where I felt the history of the place was alive instead of just seeing it in museums and books I was able to see the streets and through the people.
199802_572684706080748_543761543_n2. Madrid, Spain
Number 2 in my list is Madrid, I have always loved Madrid and have been several times in the past there is just so much to love about this city. For starters the entertainment on offer is some of the best I have seen in any city. There are so many street dancers and performers that even a trip to the local shop will keep you amused. For me these street performers breathe life into the city, they give the city music and colour that alot of big cities just don’t have. This helps you to understand the local people and culture on a different level. The other thing I love about Madrid is the secret gardens that have just been dotted all over the city, you could walk down the wrong street and be greeted by some of the most beautiful gardens in places you just wouldn’t expect. Finally, as a girl, of course I love the shopping in Madrid. It some of the best shopping in Europe with everything you could ever want on offer.
407315_572694689413083_1799224695_n1. Amsterdam, Holland
So my most memorable city in all of Europe is Amsterdam, like Madrid I just love Amsterdam and have been a few times in the last couple of years, each time I go back I find something new to love about the place. Amsterdam is probably the most alternative city in Europe because it doesn’t feel at all like a city. The gardens and canals make you feel like you are walking around giant park as opposed to the tall buildings you expect in a city. This park image is reinforced by the lack of cars with everyone opting for trams or bikes instead (did you know there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam!). This has also made the city is virtually pollution free.
The people of Amsterdam are also different, they are not your usual city folk rushing around in a hurry for work but instead take a much more relaxed attitude to life, they always have time to stop and have a chat. There liberal laws attract all different types of people from all over the world to live here so they have developed a very accepting and welcoming culture, something which is greatly appreciated as a tourist.
I hope you find this guide useful if you are having trouble deciding where to visit in Europe and of course if you have any suggestions as to other cities and there memorable features just leave me a comment below.

Connnct with Roseann on her blog:  http://roseannsjourney.com/about/

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