The People You Meet On The Road

I continue to tell anyone who will listen,
that you never know who you will meet if you
just keep an open mind.

Out shopping this week I spoke with one of the employees to find he is a writer, a poet to be precise.  So today I am featuring  Adrian T Pearson, better known as The Prolific Penman.

Below is his bio.  Who knew he was so accomplished and famous?

My name is Adrian T. Pearson I am also known as The Prolific Penman. This is a name chosen
for me by God when it was introduced to me I questioned could I live up to what the title meant,
 as time passed I came to see that the name not only fit me but it was who I had grown into.
The more I spoke it the bolder I became. The Prolific Penman is my new lease on life this name is not just a representation of me but another testament as to what God can do if you are willing to be obedient to him. My faith in God and in myself has allowed me to write from pain, anger, fear, love and hope; all of these emotions have pushed me to become a fighter. This is not just a name change but a movement, poetry is only the start of better things to come for me

Twelve years ago poetry helped me find myself, saved me from depression and allowed me to define one of many calling that God has for my life. I have been awarded the International Who’s Who for Poetry for 2012, I am also published with The World Poetry Movement.  I was also selected as the best Poet for 2012 by The World Poetry Movement as well and in October 2013, I graduated from college while being homeless.  You can follow me or checkout my blogs  on Facebook under,  or at  you can also  read some of my recent work at 
For more information and event bookings contact or 770-376-7638.
So the next time you pass up the opportunity to chat with someone or say more than ‘how are you’ without really caring what the answer is, think twice.  There could be an amazing person behind that smile.

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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