Regensburg: a Unesco World Heritage Site seen on a solo trip

Regensburg, off the beaten track in Germany, traveling solo A wonderful city to walk the lanes and avenues, even if the sky is overcast.   Arriving by train in the morning gave me almost an entire day to become oriented to the city.   Day two I would visit many of the locations my guide,Continue reading “Regensburg: a Unesco World Heritage Site seen on a solo trip”

Wiesbaden Germany: off the beaten track solo

Wiesbaden, Germany:   off the beaten track on a 14 day adventure for a solo traveler The old building is reflected in the newer architecture Arriving late in the day and taking a taxi to the boutique hotel Klemm a delightful oasis close to the center of town, I had to wait until the next dayContinue reading “Wiesbaden Germany: off the beaten track solo”

Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do

 A Quick Stop in Augsburg, Germany I only had a half day to explore Augsburg on my Off the Beaten Track tour, but thanks to my wonderful guide Ms. Regina Thieme with Augsburg Tourism, I was able to see a great deal in a few hours. Arriving at the Augsburg train station, a quick stopContinue reading “Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do”

Koblenz, Germany Amazing Interactive Exhibiton

Romanticum Exhibit in Koblenz, Germany photo credits below At the end of my city tour of Koblenz I was scheduled for a visit to an  interactive exhibition: Romanticum.  I expected a ‘collection of historic items’ or art but was surprised at what I discovered.     The entire exhibit is interactive from simple information screens toContinue reading “Koblenz, Germany Amazing Interactive Exhibiton”

Koblentz, Germany: exploring solo

Koblenz,  Off the Beaten Track Tour Stop TwoLeaving Munster early on Sunday morning, the train south to Koblenz took less than 3 hours through villages and farmlands not yet showing results of spring planting. The Mosselle and Rhine river meet  Koblenz another UNESCO World Heritage city, may not be as well known as other towns in GermanyContinue reading “Koblentz, Germany: exploring solo”

Stumble Stones: Germany Off the Beaten Path

Stumble Stones  On the cobbled stone streets in Europe, you often look down so you don’t trip on uneven stones.  This precaution has an added benefit that you may also spot stumble stones in quiet locations in towns you are visiting.   Stolpersteine, the German word for stumbling stones, are in many cities in Europe.  I had neverContinue reading “Stumble Stones: Germany Off the Beaten Path”

Off the Beaten Track in Germany

Munster:   Famous for Beer, Bikes, Churches NOT Cheese There is so much to see on this whirlwind tour of Western Germany’s towns that may not be on the list of top tourist locations.      My visit started in Dusseldorf with a side trip to Cologne.  I wanted to test my solo skills of navigating theContinue reading “Off the Beaten Track in Germany”