Koblenz, Germany Amazing Interactive Exhibiton

Romanticum Exhibit in Koblenz, Germany

photo credits below

At the end of my city tour of Koblenz I was scheduled for a visit to an  interactive exhibition: Romanticum. 

I expected a ‘collection of historic items’ or art but was surprised at what I discovered.     The entire exhibit is interactive from simple information screens to exhibits and displays that each viewer can select a topic of interest:  river, castles, wine.

There are exhibits and displays designed for both children and adults:  the history of the the romantic Middle Rhine Valley area.     

Most striking is the plastic card you are issued upon entry.   At many of the displays you can download the information you select to your ‘card’
You collect the information you have selected and you can “read the card” later on a device.

Visiting the museum  when you arrive in Koblenz will give you great background information for your days visiting historic sites and traveling the Rhine valley.

It is a fun way to learn about the founding and development of historic Koblenz.

Currently the exhibit is in Germany (some English explanations)  but there are plans for English descriptions to the many exhibits.    Thanks to the Koblenz Tourist office I was given a tour of the exhibit, explaining how to maximize your visit to the exhibit.  

Opening Hours:  (confirm with info@romanticum.de)
Daily 10 am to 6 pm

Photos from: https://www.behance.net/gallery/9206907/Romanticum-Koblenz  

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