Wiesbaden Germany: off the beaten track solo

Wiesbaden, Germany:   off the beaten track
 on a 14 day adventure for a solo traveler

The old building is reflected in the newer architecture

Arriving late in the day and taking a taxi to the boutique hotel Klemm a delightful oasis close to the center of town, I had to wait until the next day to take any photos of Wiesbaden. 

I had a lovely dinner with my hostess Ms Yvonne Skala in a typical (as I view it) German restaurant and tried a famous dish, which was potatoes!   Each town I visited on this epic journey was unique and I tried to experience whatever was ‘famous’ in each city.

Next day I had a fact filled adventure with my tour guide, Mr.Patrick Walz, a scholar with a staggering knowledge of history.  He also made the tour fun with antidotes and answers to my many questions on life in Wiesbaden.   Every professional I met on this trip had an endless knowledge of German history and today my guide was perhaps the most impressive.   Besides history, Patrick  ex-
plained major events that  impacted Europe as well as Germany.

First stop was the hot springs.   At night this park had a mist rising.

Marktkirche:   Market Church) is the main Protestant church in Wiesbaden.   The square in front of the cathedral holds a farmers market with local products.   Markets are always an easy place for solo travelers to meet locals and sample some of the local life.

Wiesbauden has a mini tourist train that takes you around the city.   I would not normally take this type of tour but our next stop was high over the city and on the way up there was a commentary. German since I was the only English speaker.   Winding through the residential area I had an opportunity to see the architecture for private homes.  We alighted the train at the Russian Orthodox church set in a wooded park.

                    The Russian Orthodox church on Neroberg with its five golden domes

No photos were allowed in the interior and I was surprised at the compact size.   Stone and wood carvings embellished the interior.  There were no tIt would be interesting to attend a service here if allowed.
There is an old cemetery behind the church that looked interesting.
As we left the church there was a sign explaining you could ask the caretaker, who was selling religious icons near the door, for the key.   This will be added to my list for a return visit.

Maps of the paths for hikes (not walks) through the park

There are many paths and lanes throughout the woods and we ascended the hill to the top of Mount Neroberg hill for lunch at Opelbad.   The terrace restaurant gave us a wonderful view of the city below.

          It was a long way down to the bus stop or a quick hop on the oldest water powered train,
 The Neroberg Mountain Railway.  Patrick arranged for us to ride in the front with the driver and although the process was explained to me twice, I had to look up the details!

                            Patrick told me the story of the street artist who wrote scripture on sign posts 
                         every day.  He had become something of a legend.

The Kurhaus is one of the cultural centers of Wiesbaden.   This large complex houses the state theater, a casino, restaurant and conference facilities.  The massive park and lake surrounding the building offers an oasis in the center of the city.

Wiesbaden is also a spa town although I did not ‘sample’ any of these services.

And a final treat for the day was a stop at a well know cake shop,Cafe Maldaner.  The traditional coffee shop is one  is very large.  The first room displays the endless cakes and individual pastries.   There are tables for 2 or 4 set close together.  A perfect place for a coffee and cake.  I could envision enjoying a pleasant hour enjoying a book while sipping your tea or coffee.

There is a second room that is more ornate with upolstered chairs and banquets.   This room is suitable for quiet meeting or perhaps a small celebratory cake and coffee event.

                                                             Let us eat cake!

The photos above are the property of Mature Solo Travel.  I am very thankful for  the wonderful two days Wiesbaden marketing arranged for me.

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