Heidelberg: off the beaten track, Brezeles to Chocolate

Heidelberg:   home of the bretzle, castle, university, chocolate and  more Heidelberg was a surprise.  The city bustles.  I spent only two days in the Old Town of Heidelberg and found so much to see and do. There is endless history surrounding Heidelberg and my wonderful guide Charlotte Frey knew it all. She wove GermanContinue reading “Heidelberg: off the beaten track, Brezeles to Chocolate”

Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do

 A Quick Stop in Augsburg, Germany I only had a half day to explore Augsburg on my Off the Beaten Track tour, but thanks to my wonderful guide Ms. Regina Thieme with Augsburg Tourism, I was able to see a great deal in a few hours. Arriving at the Augsburg train station, a quick stopContinue reading “Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do”