Munster, “the bike capital” has a special addition

Münster, Germany A bike capital where bikes may outnumber residents! Martje Salje, also known as the tower keeper in Munster, click the link to learn about that story, was given a special bike this year from her mother.      This bike was designed by local Munster artist Stephan Quitmann, who according to Martje  isContinue reading “Munster, “the bike capital” has a special addition”

Off the Beaten Track in Germany

Munster:   Famous for Beer, Bikes, Churches NOT Cheese There is so much to see on this whirlwind tour of Western Germany’s towns that may not be on the list of top tourist locations.      My visit started in Dusseldorf with a side trip to Cologne.  I wanted to test my solo skills of navigating theContinue reading “Off the Beaten Track in Germany”