Off the Beaten Track in Germany

Munster:   Famous for Beer, Bikes, Churches NOT Cheese There is so much to see on this whirlwind tour of Western Germany’s towns that may not be on the list of top tourist locations.      My visit started in Dusseldorf with a side trip to Cologne.  I wanted to test my solo skills of navigating theContinue reading “Off the Beaten Track in Germany”

Off the Beaten Path in Germany

Going outside your comfort zone is difficult for many of us.As a solo traveler I have challenges every day I am on the road exploring and experiencing new places.My Italian blog, Home to Italy rewards me with several months each year in a country that has many secrets to share with this Italian American.  In April I will returnContinue reading “Off the Beaten Path in Germany”

German Trains: So many rules!

The German Train System:   will I need a PHD to understand all this? After I received the following instructions on HOW to use the train in German, I thought this may help other solo travelers. Is this your first time on German trains? If yes, here are some useful instructions: Duesseldorf train station isContinue reading “German Trains: So many rules!”