Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do

 A Quick Stop in Augsburg, Germany I only had a half day to explore Augsburg on my Off the Beaten Track tour, but thanks to my wonderful guide Ms. Regina Thieme with Augsburg Tourism, I was able to see a great deal in a few hours. Arriving at the Augsburg train station, a quick stopContinue reading “Augsburg, Germany: much to see and do”

Learn about yourself on a solo trip

So much to remember from the non stop events over the past 9 weeks.   First thing I do when I return to the USA is obtain a new passport.For the second time a customs official has questioned if I was the same person on the passport! This week he broke out laughing!I reminded him inContinue reading “Learn about yourself on a solo trip”

Travel Friends you meet when traveling solo

The life of the solo diner table, thesewomen know how to travel! A great side benefit of traveling solo, without a relative, a spouse or a best friend, is to meet travel ‘friends’.  Travel friends are different than the friends you have at home, work friends or even casual friends.    They can be a local you meet whileContinue reading “Travel Friends you meet when traveling solo”

Speed Travel Planning, Leaving in 7 days

Road Warrior 7 Days Out No matter how far in advance I start planning for my next trip, it is always  the last week I start to panic.Planning a multi level trip is like doing a puzzle.   All the pieces have to fit together to make a final product.Unless you are just going to oneContinue reading “Speed Travel Planning, Leaving in 7 days”

Solo Traveler at the weekend market

Focusing on Home to Italy I often neglect to share how I solo travel in Italy 30 days or more every year when possible. photo is from the website listed below And every year I learn more about the places I as a solo traveler can spend the day or a few hours and blendContinue reading “Solo Traveler at the weekend market”

Solo Travel with a Purpose

I have been using a new mantra this year: Be a Traveler NOT a touristLearn something new, Find a new adventureExperience the local lifeIn 2008, after many years of trying to do or see everything in the  2 or 3 weeks a year my 24/7 job allowed, I finally took a sabbatical. I had beenContinue reading “Solo Travel with a Purpose”