Solo Travel with a Purpose

I have been using a new mantra this year:

Be a Traveler NOT a tourist
Learn something new,
Find a new adventure
Experience the local life
In 2008, after many years of trying to do or see everything in the  2 or 3 weeks a year my 24/7 job allowed, I finally took a sabbatical.

I had been dreaming of moving to Italy for part of the year for a long time.   All my vacations to Italy were wonderful.  My business trips were “interesting” but allowed me to see new parts of Italy.
But would I enjoy living there?   I am an Italian American but would real Italians accept me?  How do you manage in a town where you do not know anyone and do not speak the language fluently?
But it was now or never and I closed my business, obtained a dog sitter and took off for Sorrento for 3 months.  I know I would not have enjoyed or on some days survived this adventure without my weeks at Sorrento Lingue.    For all of you who already travel solo, I won’t comment on solo travel, but long term travel opened a new door to my travel adventures.     
During my months in Italy “living as an Italian, not a tourist”  I searched for ways to enrich my days.
I spent hours exploring the towns along the sea.  Walking with a view of the sea was an endless pleasure.   But I still looked for a way to fit in, to participate,  not just another member of the expats organizations.

Tina, a former student at Sorrento Lingue, found a GREAT solution.        She did volunteer work!  See her story below.

When I returned to the USA I began to search for opportunities that would accept a foreigner, in addition to the expat groups. My vet gave me a list of animal shelter organizations in Italy so that I can find a group that will be happy for an extra hands!

What ideas do you have for “living as an Italian”?

You can join Sorrento Lingue in one of their special programs which are perfect for solo travelers.
You will not be treated as a client but as a new friend….
Give them a call or send an email.

Sorrentolingue []

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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