Travel Friends you meet when traveling solo

The life of the solo diner table, these
women know how to travel!

A great side benefit of traveling solo, without a relative, a spouse or a best friend, is to meet travel ‘friends’

Travel friends are different than the friends you have at home, work friends or even casual friends.    They can be a 
local you meet while traveling as well as another traveler on your tour or plane or ship.

Speaking with strangers eliminates the limitations we can put on our conversations.  Perhaps because you do not expect to see them ever again, you loose any inhibitions.   The conversations between ‘strangers’ can often include topics never spoke about back home.
You often speak more frankly with travel friends, sharing hopes, problems or dreams.

The travel friends I like the best are other travelers I meet on my long ship trips and staff members who interact with passengers because they enjoy it NOT because it is policy.  With 7 or 14 days at sea there is time for chats and deep dialogues over dinner or drinks.   

Who have you met on your travel adventures?

Chef took the time to chat with me every day
on a long crossing……such great energy and
a wonderful attitude, I enjoyed our short exchanges
Craig taught computer skills to ‘mature’
passengers without ever laughing when I asked
the same questions…..

My BEST TF, we met on an extended
crossing and Pat showed me how
you can have fun every day!  Hope to
see her when I get to OZ
Digital StillCamera
A chance meeting at a museum in
Naples, we walked together
during the visit .


Tina has a concierge travel business in Naples
but you will want to become TA friends with her.
This was one of the best days I had in Italy, I
forgot I was there to do an interview for Home To
Italy, it was as if I was visiting an old friend.


New friends in Venice: Irma and Monica                         On my next trip Home to Italy we shall
have a cooking day with Ada.


AMAZING Norma!  We had tea together on the Queen Mary one afternoon.
I love a woman who will order one of everything!  oh yes we both did.
Norma is a painter and a teacher.  She taught a painting class during the cruise.
Such energy at 90!

Solo dining tables:   On  previous crossings I had never joined a solo table.   On this trip I was admonished to put on my ‘friendly face’ and join the table the first night to see what it was like. So it was a great pleasure to find myself seated at a table of totally diverse passengers on the east and west bound trip.  

As with any group there were some personality clashes.  Only 3 other passengers arrived the first night and two of them did NOT return the second night!  Was it something I said?  

But Holland America replaced the empty seats with a great group of travelers:  Norma (see above) the ship’s painting instructor for several weeks, Horst who I did not realize spoke English and Ralph a well know musician who was performing during the sail.

My return trip was even more interesting but my new travel friends did not want to be written about.
You Never know who you will meet when traveling..


My newest TF who is a traveler full time!  
He promised to send me a list of diners in NJ I can explore.

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