‘Solo Travel is on the Rise’ according to a Travel Weekly article

Solo travel on the rise………….


This is not news to dedicated solo travelers.  


It is exciting to see solo travel given the coverage it deserves!

Will the cruise lines stop charging solo travelers up to double the cost of other travelers?  (Yes, I know about the cabins for one)  
Will hotels start offering prices for one traveler?  (available in many European hotels)
and my least favorite ad is 2 for 1 pricing……
Airlines, buses, trains or ferries do not charge more for one person.
This should be a wake up call for the travel industry, you are ignoring an untapped market. 
Read the article by Leanora Collett for Travel Weekly.*


by Leanora Collett for Travel  Weekly


“Roy Morgan Research has released statistics that indicate more travelers are choosing to travel alone. Over the past decade there has been an increase from 12% – 14% travelers are seeking new adventures and choosing to travel less with their families and go solo instead.

With the increase in solo travelers, destinations will be looking for new ways to attract the new market.
There has also been a marked decrease in the number of families going overseas with their children. Only 26% of people travelled as part of a family, down from 29% a decade ago. The lack of the traditional family structure could be a reason behind the decline.
The decline in family holidays is having an effect on major theme parks and family destinations, such as the Gold Coast, with fewer families making the trip.
Research showed individuals travelling with other relatives slightly increased from 12%-13%. Statistics remained consistent for couples, those travelling with friends, school groups and tour participants.”
      *  Travel Weekly is the market-leading magazine for the Australian travel industry, featuring news and analysis, career advice, training and product information, competitions and giveaways, new technology and online development, cruising, and leisure and business travel.

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