Student Hotel or Another Alternative for Solo Travelers….

A Hotel Not ONLY For Students

In June 2013 I wrote about alternatives to staying in a hotel, with a story about my stay in a dormitory at London University.    

Courtyard at the London University location

Today I read on line  about a Hotel for Students.      THis may call up an image of a boarding house, sorority house or worse.     However the small chain of hotels listed offered kitchen use, a restaurant, great locations and up scale design.  

From Budget Traveller*  and the Student Hotel home page

photo and article credit from Budget Traveller*

About us

Student housing specialist

The Student Hotel is owned and operated by City Living.  For over 30 years, City Living has specialized in student housing and short stay accommodations.  
about us
The company’s roots lay in Scotland where the MacGregor family started working in student  accommodations at Edinburgh University in 1982.  Having worked in more than 20 European cities, City Living understands how to create a temporary housing experience that students want and need.

Carefree living

Creating the ideal temporary accommodation experience is the idea behind the Student Hotel.  Each hotel has a library, lounges and study areas – where students can focus on their studies. Students don’t have to worry about food shopping or preparing meals – they can choose a Meal plan.  However, if they prefer making their own meals, all rooms have access to a shared kitchen or even private kitchen facilities.
Eating together is an important part of social life
From our personal experiences, we know that a student’s college days are a special time.  It’s an exciting experience and also an uncertain one – especially if you go abroad.  That’s why we made community an important part of the Student Hotel concept. 
In each of our hotels, we organize social activities and events.  This helps students develop themselves socially.  In addition to community, comfort and convenience are also an important of the Student Hotel experience.
Check out our locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Liège.
Looking for accommodation for a couple of weeks? Contact us and we will make you a customised offer – luxury you can afford.


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