NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Italy: Classic Car Tour

                   NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Yle with Yltour in Puglia offers another wonderful event for independent travelers who want a unique experience!        CLASSIC CAR EXPERIENCE IN PUGLIA May 1 – 6, 2013             YLTOUR opens its 2013 season with an exclusive road experience from May 1 – 6 , 2013in the beautiful Salento area, Italy. This is your chanceContinue reading “NO SOLO SUPPLEMENT Italy: Classic Car Tour”

Solo Travelers: would you be interested in a creative break

CREATIVE BREAKS:   If you enjoy traveling, learning, meeting the locals and immersing yourself in a culture than you need to know about a special series of programs offered by in Italy!   Yle Sambati will be offering a great assortment of ‘adventures’ that solo travelers can enjoy.   Check back soon to hear aboutContinue reading “Solo Travelers: would you be interested in a creative break”