Food Trucks part 2: Solo Travelers meet more vendors

Food in a Hurry does not have to be tasteless, precooked and dry.   FIAH is here.  While researching Food Trucks as the perfect alternative to a restaurant for Solo Travelers, I met Georgia Brown. A friendly, enthusiastic vendor who was willing to share her story with this blogger.I learned I could find great comfort foodContinue reading “Food Trucks part 2: Solo Travelers meet more vendors”

Nana G’s Waffles and Chicken at Atlanta Food Truck park

Visit the Atlanta Food Truck Park and try something NEW My first visit to the Atlanta Food Truck Park reminded me of a summer carnival with brightly colored vendors selling an assortment of food that makes your mouth smile. Food Trucks have taken the idea of street food to a new level. And a re aContinue reading “Nana G’s Waffles and Chicken at Atlanta Food Truck park”

Food Trucks: Solo Travelers need no reservation

Everyone was warm and friendly Food Trucks, can they solve the solo traveler’s challenge of eating alone…… Nana G’s chicken and waffles is already ‘famous’   Not all solo travelers freeze when entering a restaurant.              Some solo travelers do not think twice before entering a bar where no one ‘knows yourContinue reading “Food Trucks: Solo Travelers need no reservation”