Nana G’s Waffles and Chicken at Atlanta Food Truck park

Visit the Atlanta Food Truck Park 
and try something NEW

My first visit to the Atlanta Food Truck Park reminded me of a summer carnival with brightly colored vendors selling an assortment of food that makes your mouth smile.

Food Trucks have taken the idea of street food to a new level.
And a re a perfect solution for solo travelers in any city you visit.

The Atlanta Food Truck ParkThe variety of food offered was wide with brightly painted truck graphics attempting to describe everything offered:  

Mighty Meatballs, Food in a Hurry, Nana G’s Chicken and Waffles, Mexican, Indian and more.The overpowering impact of so much variety requires a second and third visit to sample more of what is offered.

On this visit I wanted to meet the owners and sample Nana G’s Chicken and Waffles.    Nana G’s is already a well know favorite in the Atlanta market so it is time I found out why.


Nana G’s grandsons, Guy and Drew share her recipes with  many hungry followers

Waffles are my favorite.  I stop at diners on the route from Atlanta to New Jersey and the older the diner the better!

Waffles taste different in each location.  Nana G’s were better than any others I have ever tried!
Crisp but not overcooked.  Sweet but not artificial.   And served HOT, something many diners do not get right.
There is a variety of offerings at this bright yellow and orange truck.   You can follow the smell of sweet waffle and fried chicken!                       You are greeted warmly by the staff.

I took Drew away from the griddle for a few moments to tell me more about how Nana G’s W&B came to be.

It was time to Taste!
I had the waffle INFUSED with Bacon.   I asked Drew how this waffle was created.

Apparently “Nana was making breakfast, something she had done form many years, and there was not enough bacon for everyone that morning.  So Nana crumbled the bacon into the waffle!”     This gives the waffle a great taste to each bite.

I asked for more secrets, how the waffle is crispy but not hard and HOT.  
It is the timing:  how many minutes the waffle takes to cook, how many minutes to be sure the chicken is cooked through.   Both items finish cooking at the same time.   And the maple syrup is served HOT.

Nana G’s does private events, movie sets as well as the Food Truck Park.  

The future could include franchises, contests, waffle mix to make waffles at home.

 Could we see a Nana G’s at a location near you…….  watch out ‘chick file’.

* some photos  are thanks to

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