NY Cheese cake beware there is competiton

The Uncle Testu location in Sydney, Australia
Who is Uncle Tetsu?   
I thought Italian cheese cake was the historic best
Walking in Sydney, Australian I found a crowd outside of a restaurant or was it a store?    The line was similar to a group waiting to enter a club or a major sale in a high end store.   All ages and all sizes.
They are lining up for the opportunity to purchase ONE cheesecake.
I had to do some research to find out WHY this cheesecake was so popular
$17.99 for a smallish cheese cake.  Not too expensive but how does ONE person eat an entire cheesecake?    There were  no alternatives to purchase a slice or 1/2.

The space is not that large to produce hundreds of cakes but there is a well trained army of workers, each with an assigned task:  from cutting butter into slabs,mixing batter or pouring into pans.

History of Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake  I have found online since I could not speak with any of the employees here, they were all behind glass!   see http://uncletetsu-ca.com/our-story/

“Helping in his parents ‘sweets business’ since the age of 5, Tetsu worked in the food industry for decades.   Among other restaurants and bakeries  Uncle Tetsu created cheesecake in Hakata.  The article notes that Tetsu started to use an Australian cheese to bake his cakes.”    Perhaps this is why the line in Sydney was so long!

“The cakes are described as super soft, rich and flavorful”.

Their web site lists location in Toronto so I may have another opportunity to try one…

Have you had this Japanese cheesecake?

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