People the Travel Warrior meets

One of the best parts of solo travel is meeting people are really talk with you.

not the obligatory chat from a wait staff or tourist office but a REAL chat.

The jewelry designer in Oslo     This was my first stop and of course I was anxious to start the blog a day program.   The heavy rain did not stop me from setting off for a 6 hour walk.
While I passed through the terminal where shops and tourist services were offered I noticed the lovely silver jewelry on display.     Alice was kind enough to chat with me and tell me that she makes the rings and many other pieces herself.   There was a very interesting chain design based on what the Vikings used to tie their ropes……I hope I have this correct.

Next stop was Deluca deli to try a typical bun offered to go with morning coffee.  Similar to a brioche with raisins or chocolate but not very sweet.
The delightful clerk told me politely I could not photograph the amazing selections of sandwiches but thanked me for asking first.   A short chat told me she hoped/planned to travel.
DSCN2100DSCN2116Rick Steve’s tells you more about De Luca…..think of it as a upscale 7/11
My visit to the tourist office resulted in a quick chat with a cheery woman (this photo does not do her justice) who shared the information on where to find a waffle.  (see other stories)

Next day I stopped into a chemist (drug store) to see if they had the amazing over the counter tablets that stopped the flue in Italy last year.
The pharmacist worked with me directly and although he did not recognize the product I had, he looked up the contents (taking more than 15 minutes of his time) and found me a similar product on their shelf…..
Meanwhile I asked him countless questions about Norway that he happily answered.
At the next port I found Nina at the library.   A very pretty young woman (just I am a terrible photographer) who planned to visit New Orleans because she loved Jazz.
  We started to chat while there were no clients and she told me about the ‘white Christmas’.
Everything is white.  The trees are never artificial, the lights are always clear not colored.    I was very engrossed in our conversation but library clients needed to be served.   I hope we can continue our chat online.
Craig who will teach computer classes on the ship for the next 3 weeks.   He is my new best friend…….I hope to learn lots while traveling to the 7 countries this month.
Several others who will have mini stories are posted elsewhere……
All this returns to my theory that the people we meet can change US but do we ever have an effect on the them?????
what do you think?

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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