Istanbul Food Tour with Walks of Turkey

Explore The Food Market in Istanbul 

with Walks of Turkey 

On my second day in Istanbul I joined the Food walking tour that would take me across the  water to Kadikoya part of Istanbul that I would not have visited on my own.   

Our guide met us at the convenient location of Starbucks, next to the ferry port.    Without any maps available that indicate streets and important points of interest, I just walked to the water and went along the shore until I found Starbucks.  

I was told later that this is also a good WC stop.  No charge and clean facilities.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE!

I can fully recommend this tour for solo travelers.  Since the tour was a walking tour there was no question of finding an available seat that was not being ‘saved’ for someone.

The quick ferry rides in Istanbul give you a water view that on a sunny day is unsurpassed.

One of our cheerful guides for the day.

A pleasant way to spend day two with ‘new friends’ from Colorado

First stop:  CAKE!


Next we toured all the shops and stalls in the market area. 
 Each specialized in a product or a food.  Our guides explained what everything was, where it was grown and often there was a history story behind some of the food.

Are these dried eggplant?

Intense colors make you want to taste everything

I was fascinated that most of the shops were ONLY staffed by men 

Our group of about 10

This store sold pickles….and other items that were ‘pickeled’
The juice is also available as a beverage!

The meat vendor

The cheese store

Colors are everywhere

Our first stop for a tasting:   

Our talented guide enthusiastically explained what all the fruits and vegetable were.  Some were totally new to me.

My question was answered:  how do you make all this great skewered meats

                   We were encouraged to taste items in most of the shops and then it was on to LUNCH

Lunch gave us a sample of many foods.          Beware the green bean at the top, HOT< HOT HOT

                        I needed a list of what we were eating, but it all tasted great, except that green bean!
We has two sit-down sample meals.  One of the meals offered samples of ‘interesting’ items that two guests were to share a plate.   Other than a buffet or the ‘family style’ restaurants they offer in  southern USA, I have never seen Americans share a plate with a stranger…….
my concern was short lived.    There were two of everything and it was easy to ‘share’.

Not on our tour and but fascinated by this machine that automatically poured batter into metal molds, sent the tray into an oven and baked/cooked  small waffle type cakes.   You added berries and perhaps yogurt or cream to top them off!

We did not stop here, but strange to find Mckie D in the center of such a great assortment of restaurants

Our tour ended with REAL Turkish coffee and the best cake I had on my trip
There is a skill to making this coffee and I shall try to learn this skill next time.


Phone (US): 1-917-310-1554
Our office hours are
Monday through Sunday
from 11:00am to 7:00pm
(UTC +2, Istanbul time) Global

I was the guest of Walks of Turkey for this wonderful day and 
the opinions and photos are my own.

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