London Alternative Cafe at Sotheby’s

photo credit to Sothby’s web page

Eating in the Crypts of London churches    another post on this site covers several of the restaurants and cafes I visited in London.    Alternatives to formal restaurants are also found in department stores, museums and even in Sotheby’s!

Everyone has heard of Sotheby’s Auction House.  Exclusive and high end treasures pass through these portals to become cherished heirlooms .                                                                                     
But did you know you can enjoy meals in the Café at Sothebys?    Thanks to  Maggie the owner of At Home in London for sharing this post with me.     Although perhaps on the pricey end of café choices in London, you could stop in for tea or even breakfast.    You may wish to purchase an old master or even a tiara while you are there.

From the Sotheby web page, enjoy part of the tea menu…..I can’t wait to return to London…wonder if I need to wear gloves?

  • Sotheby’s
    34-35 New Bond Street
    W1A 2AA
  • Tel:+44 (0)207 293 5077

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