Must Solo Travel ONLY be long term travel?

Not all “interesting”, “exciting” travel must be long term.   Or around the world. Or to exotic locations.

Small time America, movie theather

I read countless posts online from solo travelers going to remote locations,  taking risks that some travelers are not comfortable with, traveling for months.

Often going on a solo trip is adventure enough for a traveler.   I no longer read about the adventures of other travelers.  I don’t want their success to limit what I can do.

Between solo trips Home to Italy or to other locations for stays longer than a few days, I usually do road trips.

There is endless time to think, observe and create on a long road trip.   And if you plan well you can stop for the night somewhere interesting, new or historic.
My sister continues to tell me to stop driving early and get a room.   Usually all the senior travelers are off the interstate by 5 PM and settled into their hotels by the time I am thinking of where to stop.  The concept of ‘making good time’ often urges me to do another 100 miles before I look for a hotel.

The open road may not include the alps, but the blue ridge is BLUE

Shenandoah Parkway

I concluded some time ago that if you DONT get off the interstate and OUT OF THE CAR you will never be a traveler,  just a driver.

So on most of my 1,800 mile trips from Georgia to New Jersey (RT)  I try to take a route that will hug the shore from South Carolina to the ferry in Maryland or if the weather cooperates I take the mountain route to the Shenandoah Valley.   Both trips have much to offer.

Two events that  resulted from taking my sisters advice of ‘get off the road early’ may change my plans for the next road trip.    If you have traveled recently you may have noticed a sharp increase in hotel prices.   A chain of 3+ star hotels I usually stay in, is now 20% higher or even more!    I no longer stay in budget hotels with doors facing the parking lots nor do I stay in premium hotels even though I can afford them.     Part of my value vs. price strategy balks at paying $120.00 for 10 hrs in a hotel.  
Yes I enjoy comfort.  Yes, I enjoy luxury.  But when I arrive late and leave early there is NO VALUE in paying more.    On a trip where I may stay for several days the price is less important than the amenities or the service.

1.  Stopping early may allow you to use the travel coupons you find at all the rest stops and information centers.     For late arrivals I am often told ‘we have no more rooms at that price’.  Calling ahead to check if there are rooms still available also helps.   Late night arrivals are at the mercy of the front desk for pricing.   

2.  Stopping early allows you to explore the areas.   Often I spend an hour or more the next day visiting the town and stopping at any interesting historic sites or even photo opportunities.  Last week I was in Wilson, SC and found a diner.  This is very unusual for the South.   There are great country food restaurants in the South but few diners.    The encounter with the staff resulted in a separate post.  The food is worth planning a second visit on my next road trip!

Consider getting OFF THE ROAD to explore in the USA or wherever you travel.
Give yourself time to discover what is a local treasure not written abouts n travel books.

Stauton, Va, a small town that has NOT closed!

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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