Cabbage or Curry? What is this?????

Cabbage or Curry?    Who cooks for Virgin Atlantic?

                My flight to London on May 5th was amazing.    Yes I had to fly to Boston to catch a Virgin flight  to London or I could have gone to lovely downtown Newark.  The benefit was only a 6+ hour flight instead of the horrid 8+ hours it usually takes to arrive in Europe.
I splurged on the overnight flight and purchased an upgraded seat.  Well it was as nice as the Business Class seat at Delta.    I knew I was in OZ because the  staff was NICE, seemed to even like their jobs and the passengers.   Wow!   

But I must ask Sir Richard Branson, “What were you Thinking????”

The only choices for the dinner meal was CURRY OR some kind of meat with CAABBAGE! 
With only a 6 hour flight,  no one starves in that length of time but the smells were NOT pleasant.

On the return my seat was in the back of the bus, yes it was cramped and the flight was FULL but the staff was still wonderful.   They even filled my water bottle so I did not have to ask for water over the hours.   Shorter flights make the pain of the seats bearable.   On this flight I ordered a vegetarian meal and all was fine.virginatlantic

NOW can you please add Atlanta to you list of airports????

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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