Meeting kind Locals: The Heart Lady


Small Towns Have Great People!
Often I pass the monuments and museums for hours of walking the streets of a small town or city.
If I were at home I would never speak to a stranger in a shop or market but as a traveler I ask questions, inquire about life in their town and generally become annoying.
Today I am in a town of only 1,100.  That is about the size of the subdivision I live in.

This tranquil location overlooks a lake or perhaps it is the end of the fiord.  While hiking I was startled to hear birding in the fields and trees on both sides of the road.   Living in a city or large town you can forget there are sounds that do not emanate from a machine.

Today I met the HEART LADY

At the start of my hike I passed one of the only shops open since the vacation season does not start for a few weeks.  And with climate changes ever stop on this trip has been abnormally cold.    This art store is almost a co op with other local artists having products displayed but the predominant products are pottery.    

What caught my eye immediately was the hear theme throughout her work.

Gallery Ulvik in Ulvik Norway is the showcase for Ingvild Seljiseth Winters work, or the Heart Lady.      There are hand knit items, jewelry, glass ornaments, paintings and many clay pieces.    It was difficult to choose what I would take home as a treasure and after selecting a ‘knitted’ wire bracelet I left for my hike.   But shopping is like hunting, you don’t want to think of the one that got away.

So on my return to town I stopped in again to pick up my heart mug.   Now I can think of Ulvik with morning coffee

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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