Rome: Art on the streest of Rome

“The act of painting is catching a fleeting moment in time, never to be repeated.”   Kelly Medford

Kelly Medford - Biography


I’m a young painter, and until recently only painted landscapes. Last year I completed a 100 day project to challenge and grow myself and my work, to explore what it is I have to say in paint. I also traveled to Alaska, Florida, South Carolina and several other places painting before moving to Rome, Italy this fall.

The warm light of Rome and it’s vast layers of history compel me to carry my easel with me everywhere I go. I stop to paint the light hitting a building, a square or the remnants of a Roman aqueduct running through busy traffic. The possibilities are endless and I’m not only excited, but honored to have the opportunity to paint the streets and life of Rome.

Thank you for your interest in my work and for taking the time to visit the site.

 I asked Kelly this week, how many people in Rome stop and stare or chat with her while she paints.  

 “It depends where I am. In the more residential areas of the city sometimes people just look but don’t dare stop to talk and other times people want to talk a lot, I never know what’s going to happen, that’s definitely post of the fun and adventure of painting out in the street. Yesterday while painting the red house no one stopped to talk, but people really stared, I just get used to it, it’s fun!”


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