Puglia with Yltour, the best adventure


Nothing Shall Keep Me From My Adventure In Puglia!

After the turmoil from the hurricane in the North East (USA)  and multiple delays I arrived in Italy this week to be faced with a train strike that might delay my adventure in Puglia that our travel friend Yle has created.  www.yltour.com

Last year Yle listened to my ‘dream ‘ trip to Italy and created a day that offered me all the experiences I asked for.   So there was no hesitation when I asked Yle to help me create a short adventure that takes me to places I could not find on my own.   And as a solo traveler it is often difficult for me to experience all the adventures I would like.
After years of doing all my own travel planning it is time to ask an expert for help.   Yle will give me suggestions and detailed directions.  More importantly, I  will gain entrance into places I have never been on any of the 15+ trips Home to Italy.
We are still fine tuning my adventure for December but here is a basic outline:
         Yle has arranged an apartment in Lecce a few minutes from the center of town and the train station.  This allows me to join in the daily live of Lecce and offers easy access to daily train trips.
Here I can cook if I wish and perhaps invite new ‘friends’ over.

Day One: 
Language lessons:

Ashort re introduction to conversational Italian.     Since i only speak Italian once a year while on my yearly Home to Italy adventure,  it will be helpful to have a tutor to work with me on my language skills.    I have already been told on this trip that i ‘speak Italian con una bambina’.   Not very supportive.

Yle has planned a detailed walking tour of Lecce for me to begin my photo adventure.   Lecce has wonderful carved stone facades that stop you in your tracks, crannying your neck to see the soaring peaks of a church or the pediment on a palace.   
The walking tour includes stops at shops selling local hand/craft and art products.
Yle gives me suggestions on places for lunch OR where I can find items for a picnic and a good place to have a picnic.    
Day 2:  Language lesson for skills on train travel since I shall be off on the local train later today.
 Day trip to Ostuni, a stop in Alberobella and Martina Franca if there is time.   Wonderful photo opportunities and perhaps some visits to local artists.

Yle has supplied me with the details on ticket purchase and train schedule.  Off I go, will I find my way back?

Day 3:  Language lesson will cover simple shopping skills
A tour of the local markets for fresh foods.  Yle has told me about her program for cooking, shopping and eating healthy foods that improve your life, health and I hope weight!  So this week I shall follow her outline in addition to walking miles each day, let’s see what the result is.
Eating in Italy and losing weight usually do not appear in the same sentence.
Yle and I are working on a number of other events I might take part in:   a painting lesson, visiting a local olive farm, wine tasting, learning how artist carve the beautiful stone that is native to Lecce, a visti with some of the ‘mature residents in town, experiencing the local hair dresser.   I have many Italian events I wish to try.
Yle has fantastic cooking lessons available, however cooking is not on my list of fun events, I hope she can find me an opportunity to ‘eat with a family’ while I am in Lecce.  
If not I think a restaurant tour would be fun……  
Each day includes an opportunity to practice Italian, photography the daily life of Puglia and enjoy outstanding towns and cities.  How could this be any better?   Well to have 5 days instead of 3!
 Check back with Yle and Lee to see where we traveled, who we met and what we saw!

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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