Cape Hatteras an alternative hotel

As a constant solo traveler I continue to seek sources of alternative housing

As a ‘mature’ solo traveler, I no longer enjoy tent camping or low end motels in order to afford the multiple trips I take.       Over the past year I have been searching for alternatives to chain hotels and the road side motels prevalent in the USA.
 On one of these trips I stayed in a new cabin offered by the KOA campgrounds.  Large enough to accommodate 4+ the cabin had a full bath, mini kitchen, TV and  wireless Internet.    At the same cost as most of the hotels on the Outer Banks, NC  this was a very comfortable alternative.     The cabin was only a few yards from the beach and you could hear the waves crashing during the night.

There was a second opportunity to visit this location again last week while driving North along the coast. This time I wanted to try staying in an AirStream, a silver cylinder on wheels. I had never been inside one of the historic designs and was surprised how spacious it was.   I suppose with a family of 4 it could be a tight fit.
The only room that was difficult to negotiate was the airplane sized bathroom.   But still fun for an overnight stay.  According to one of the web sites for AirStream enthusiasts, these tubes were called Silver Wheels, back in the day.

I was amazed at the compact kitchen with everything I needed: microwave, cook top, coffee pot, fridge

There were two flat screen TV’s and WiFi internet


Just a short walk to the beach.  This day there was a HUGE storm and the sand was underwater!

In the 1950s a family would go road tripping with a caper attached to the family car.    Cars in the 1950s were as big as boats and could easily drag an air stream behind them on the nation’s highways .  Read the story on the history of the airstream at

I have an ongoing project to travel as much as possible for a daily cost of $100 or less if possible.   This often forces me to travel off season,  ski areas in the summer, beach areas in the fall or winter. 
But I do not mind the crowds and Americans on vacations are not very tolerant of solo travelers.  
My stay with KOA at Cape Hatteras met my goals and exceeded my expectations.  

So why not try a night in a soup can on your next travel adventure?



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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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